Checklist For Moving House

Using this comprehensive checklist for moving house will be a life-saver. Everyone's heard the saying - moving house is right up there on the stress scale.

We have created an in-depth moving checklist that centralises all the online information in one place. It includes everything you’ll need to do, to help you through the big move effortlessly.

Starting 8 weeks out from moving day, this Moving House Checklist will have you on top of things well ahead of time, and guide you step by step through the whole process. Includes links to Govt agencies and utilities for address switching and a directory of trusted moving companies to approach for a quote, along with advice to help with moving schools, and managing the packing up the house process in a stress free way.

Tell everyone you’re moving house

Let everyone know personally, you are moving house!

Create a list of all your friends, family, banks, all insurers, health providers like your GP, physio, gym, sports clubs and any others who will need to know you are moving house. Notify them all in one fell swoop with a bulk email.

Tell Government Departments you’re on the move

Make sure you tell the all-important organisations like:

Moving House Checklist

Moving house can mean moving schools

One of the things you will want to be sure you have researched well before moving to a new town or city, is where the children should go to school.

This may not be as simple as asking around if you are new to town and not privy to the local word of mouth system of referral.

But if you have any contacts in the new location, make sure you talk to them. Some would say the closest school to your new home is best because the children will be in the same neighbourhood as their school friends and have a greater sense of community.

Often you will be moving close to your preferred school or be able to choose from a number of schools in the area. You can find out more about schools in your area by checking out their decile rating, although this is only one measure of how well a school performs. Only a school visit will really establish in your mind what the school culture is like.

The Kiwi Families website has indepth information about zoning.

The Ministry of Education also has helpful information about moving to and enrolling in a new school and all about bus services.


Checklist When Moving House

Some hardy souls will call on friends and family and take over the moving house process themselves.

However, there's a reason why Furniture Removal companies thrive. Because handing over this massive job is often the only sane solution.

Obtain quotes from moving companies

Get the moving house process in motion by gathering quotes from the directory of moving and storage companies.

Checklist For Moving House New Zealand

Moving or changing utility services

Power & Gas

Contact power and or/gas companies to arrange for disconnection on moving day and final meter readings. They may let you do the reading to save a call out fee.

You will also need to arrange for the connection to your new home.


Ensuring there is no interruption in your ability to connect to the internet is another must do for your moving house check-list.

If you have been wanting to change power or internet companies but have been putting it off due to the hassle of setting it all up again, now is the perfect time to shop around for a cheaper deal.

Internet, phone and power providers are very open to stealing you from their competition with cheaper deals.

Moving House New Zealand Checklist

Do you need your landline?

Now might also be a good time to decide whether you still need a landline. With free international phone calls available over Facebook and Skype, and with the ubiquitousness and price competitiveness of mobile services, many homes are already virtually independent of the landline.

If you do want to keep your landline, arrange to have your phone number transferred with you if it is in the same phone district.

Sky, Netflix, Lightbox

If you have Sky TV you will need to arrange to have the service transferred to your new home.

But with the availability of streaming services like Netflix and Lightbox, and TV on demand, you may not need to do anything other than ensure you have great broadband speed at your next home.

Moving House Insurance

Insurance is an important job to tick off your checklist before moving day.

Contact your insurer to make sure your house will be insured from the move in date and that your contents will be insured in transit to your new home.

Make moving cheaper with recycled boxes

If you are doing the packing and moving on the cheap, the trade entrances of supermarkets are a good place to find reusable boxes.

If using a moving company, they usually include boxes, or in some cases will lease the boxes to you.

You can also buy large quantities of boxes from hardware stores and other specialist box providers.

Check List For Moving Home

Other than boxes you can also rent crates designed especially for moving.

Streamline the move – packing, sorting and ‘letting go’

Start packing things you won’t need during coming weeks.

Moving house will have a major deadline so start dealing with any clutter and sorting jobs that weren’t done as part of the house staging process when you were selling your house.

Presuming you are moving to an exciting new home, you will be able to view your belongings in a different light as to whether they will suit your new home.

This may be the breath of fresh air you needed to slough off some of the old things you might have been clinging to.

Start sorting out drawers and cupboards and have a three way system going, things to pack into boxes to take with you, things to pack into a box of things to give away, and rubbish.

Don't forget to label your boxes and have a system of sorting what you don't need often out from what you will need to access easily.

You will need lots of newspaper to make sure breakables are wrapped, and be doubly fussy with special china.

Blankets, pillows, sheets and towels can be used to help cushion things.

The garage or shed may be a major part of moving house if you have a lot of work tools and gardening equipment. This is not a job you will be wanting to leave till the last moment.

Your moving company will also provide a packing service if you want them to do this, but you will be happier if you are organised and ready to go when they are.

Attend to repairs before moving day

Get any promised repairs done in time for moving day. You might want to check what DIY work is legal or not.

We have compiled a guide to sorting and disposing of stuff which will help you think of the various ways to go about this without adding to the landfill.

Check List Moving House Nz

CLEANING the house before moving day

A lot of sprucing up will already have been done for selling your house, but there will be the inevitable last sweep that needs doing to leave the house in a clean and presentable manner.

If you don’t already have a cleaner this may be the time to cut yourself some slack and bring in the experts. Even if you want to do most of it yourself, jobs like cleaning the oven can be a headache you just don't need at this time, especially if you have children to worry about, and there are people who specialise in one-off tasks like this.

Getting help with the cleaning will take a major job off your moving house checklist.

For help with both cleaning and whipping the garden into shape, check out the Wise Up Directory.

Two weeks before moving day

By now you may be feeling both excited and stressed, with a rapidly diminishing number of days to your moving deadline.

The 1967 Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale rates moving house alongside stressful situations like "Trouble with the boss” – which could be an understatement depending on how bad your boss is. On the upside, there is an end in sight and something big to look forward to.

Last of the legal loose ends

Besides keeping on with your packing and cleaning list, make an appointment with your lawyer to sign any legal/mortgage documents if not already finalised.

Forwarding addresses for old and new houses

Obtain a forwarding address for the previous owners of your new home so you are not dealing with the irritation of their mail arriving and not knowing what to do with it. Give your new address to the people who have bought your home in case anything slips through the redirection process.

While you’re at it ask the previous owners to brief you on things to do with the house, such as alarms, plumbing, heating, the names of paint colours used and tradespeople who have worked on the house.

If you need to arrange for a load of wood to arrive around the same time you do, tick that off your check list.

Check Off List Moving House

One week before moving day

Deliveries to redirect

If you have any newspapers or magazines delivered, get them ready to be switched over to your new address on moving day.

Countdown to moving day

Confirm that all is in order with the removal company – make sure you are both on the same page about when they will turn up at your door. Make sure you have everything ready for packing day if they are doing this for you.

If you have children, let the teachers know they may be unsettled, and if you have young children, find some child minders for the day of the shift. The less distractions you have during this day of transition, the better. As the days count down you will need to be focused.

Make sure the last of the repairs, if any, have been carried out.

Gather up your sentimental valuables and important documents together in a safe place as you might want to keep these close to you on the day of the move.

Moving day!

Check List For Moving House

Keys, cleaning and checking

At last moving day has arrived and hopefully all the planning you have put into place will mean everything runs smoothly.

However there will be some jobs you can’t do until the big day.

Collect the keys to your new home and arrange for the delivery of your old keys to the lawyer or agent. This may be an emotional moment, handing over keys that have been like an extension of yourself perhaps for years.

It probably won’t be the last emotional moment on this momentous day.

Double check all the cupboards, and particularly top cupboards to make sure they’ve been emptied.

The last cleaning sweep may take awhile if your house is big, especially given furniture will have been moved, and there will be corners behind and underneath that haven’t been cleaned for some time. Again, this may be the time to bring in a cleaner, so you are not left feeling forlorn in your now empty old home.

Take a final walk through the whole property to make sure nothing is out of order, or gets left behind, and to say good bye, if you have an emotional attachment to the place and all the memories. This will be especially strong if your children started their life or grew up here.

It’s nice to leave the new owners with a welcoming bunch of flowers, or chocolates.

Walk out the door and into your new life.

Make sure you get to savour the first night in your new home. It’s a memory making moment, and the start of all your new memories.

Checklist For Moving To New House

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