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Use these freely available and inspirational DIY videos to spruce up patios, carports and back yards on a budget.

Whether you're getting your house ready to sell or staying put, anything from a fresh coat of paint to tackling a problem corner with a fresh eye and a bit of ingenuity can make a big difference.

While it's great when you already have a house with perfect layout, often that's not the case and we need to work with what we've got.

Check out these videos for DIY solutions for difficult corners

There is always something we can do to make a problem corner look better, more loved and more lived in.

The first video has some easy to-do ideas for bringing a neglected side-of-the-house patio back to life. A winning way to improve your outdoor living or present a property that impresses buyers.

The second video takes an undeveloped backyard patch of lawn and transforms it into an attractive space - on a budget.

Boring carport becomes more usable space

In the third video, this formerly dull and dark space, which was probably underused, was transformed into a BBQ area. Changes include:

  • Making a more attractive cover for the outside air conditioning unit
  • Tiling over concrete
  • Turning an unattractive brick wall into a feature wall with light reflecting tiles
  • Painting over a concrete walkway
  • Creating an attachment for hanging baskets on a ceiling that can't be drilled

For New Zealand tastes and conditions, rather than tiling, painting dated looking brick is a modernising look, especially when using fashion forward colours.

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