Getting Your House Ready To Sell

Boring carport becomes stylish feature

While we all appreciate a house with perfect layout and everything just so, often that's not the case and we need to work with what we've got.

Check out this video for great DIY solutions

There are things you can do to camouflage areas of your home either to enjoy it yourself, or to make it look great to prospective buyers.

Usable outdoor area

The solutions for this formerly dull and dark space include:

  • Making an attractive cover for the outside air conditioning unit
  • Tiling over concrete
  • Turning an unattractive brick wall into a feature wall with light reflecting tiles
  • Painting over a concrete walkway
  • Creating an attachment for hanging baskets on a ceiling that can't be drilled
  • Palm Springs look styling

This makeover is also something to keep in mind when you are house-hunting. It might help you envisage how to deal with a tricky feature that doesn't really work.

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