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If you want to sell your house for the best sale price, using a top real estate agent whose competence has been proven through the use of vetting criteria is the most reliable and least risky way to go.

The rule of thumb for selling a house is to set your standards high when choosing a real estate agent because that decision alone will determine the fate of your sale.

So where do you find a pool of vetted agents to interview - and what exactly defines a top real estate agent?

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What defines A Top Real Estate Agent?

One who sells the most properties? Or one who sells fewer? A high profile agent? Or one who isn't? A big real estate brand or a bespoke brand?

Volume of sales is really just a number and doesn't prove much more than that. Do high volume real estate agents hold out for the best sale prices for their vendors or will they sell at any price? How will you know?

Every property type, location and vendor are different so there is no one size fits all. What may be a top real estate agent for one property may be completely inappropriate for the next.

Request a shortlist of real estate agents who have been proven competent and compare them

Proof of a top real estate agent

Selling your house can be complex so a top real estate agent needs to have the competency to manage many relationships and juggle many tasks at one time.

Finding a competent real estate agent who has been vetted and tailored to you, your property and location is what defines a top real estate agent.

Agent Finder NZ uses over 20 indicators across four categories to vet real estate agents and is the only place in New Zealand that does so, for free.

For more information, read reviews from people who used the service when selling their house.

A top real estate agent is a prepared real estate agent, one who has meticulously planned your house sale from day one. A person who doesn't compromise quality for speed so your first day live online captures the optimum number of clicks to your listing.

Have a look at this chart demonstrating the importance of day one live online

The proof of a top real estate agent becomes very evident at the point of sale because that is the moment when buyers demand due diligence reports, often requiring insertions, deletions, amendments and follow ups from valuers, builders, insurers, lawyers, inspectors, councils, banks, mortgage brokers and more.

It might not be you or your house that makes it complicated, it might be your buyer(s) and their situation, finance or an issue with a property they need to sell to purchase yours. Real estate agency work often requires project management skills.

If you need help identifying a top real estate agent, request a short list of vetted real estate agents from Agent Finder first, then you can compare them - it's free and can be a lifesaver.


How To Find A Top Nz Real Estate Agent

An easy way to spot the difference between average and top real estate agents is by using a specially designed Agent Questionnaire.

This will provide all the questions to ask real estate agents when you interview them, so you can objectively compare their responses, recommendations, fees and commission, character and competencies.

We recommend interviewing at least two agents but three is preferable, so you can better compare them. See Questions to ask a real estate agent for more information.

Once the property appraisals have been completed, you will then be able to compare the real estate agents' recommendations and how they have established how much your house is worth to sell.

This is a proven way to help identify a top real estate agent and be confident you can achieve the best sale price.

What Makes A Top Real Estate Agent Nz Find Agent

How to price your home to sell can be confronting and something you should be on the same page about with your real estate agent from the outset.

If you are inexperienced, needing guidance or a seasoned investor short on time, this is a streamlined way to make fully informed decisions, quickly and without risk.

It astounds us how people choose a real estate agent to sell what is often their biggest asset, anything from going on a flyer in the letterbox to 'giving someone a go'.

Knowing how to choose a top real estate agent can be daunting, especially if you're short on experience, so it's good to know there is independent advice available that is not tied to any real estate brand.

HELP TO Make Better Real Estate Decisions

The Process of Selling a House

  • The process of selling a house can be tricky. For instance, just when you think the deal is done, it can fall over. Understanding how it works can save you a lot of money. Find out more about the process of selling a house.

Legal Documents Required For Selling

  • Selling a house is a complex and legal process involving numerous legal documents that need to be signed, interpreted, amended or have clauses added or information deleted. The consequences of mistakes, omissions or misconduct can all be avoided with reputable advice and resources. You can see examples of legal documents here.

Independent Real Estate Advice and Resources

  • You may be depending on selling your house to help leverage your financial position, so getting it wrong can be very costly indeed.
  • It can be hard to find the information you need on what is involved prior to talking to real estate companies and agents.
  • For example, independent information about real estate fees and commission rates is almost non-existent.

Selling Internationally

Selling internationally is a specialist area requiring a top real estate agent with a much higher standard of service and higher level of knowledge combined with particular personal attributes and competencies - the X factor.

Don't underestimate the importance of this because many sales are conducted with international buyers.

What Makes An Agent A Top Real Estate Agent

A New Zealand real estate agent selling a property internationally must be confident in negotiating million dollar sale prices with confident million dollar buyers.

Often the sale is being negotiated over the phone across thousands of kilometres and handling it well can make tens of thousands or even a six figure difference in your sale price.

Agents need top communication skills, be equipped to deal with translation and have a focus on detail.

Ensure you choose a vetted real estate agent who can handle these often complex property sales requiring more of a project management approach. After all, you might only have one buyer coming forward and the risk of losing them is always possible with the wrong agent.

Depth Of Agent Knowledge

Top Real Estate Agents Nz

When considering real estate agents there are important parts of the long distance process that sellers can overlook.

  • Signing of Sale and Purchase Agreements and any special conditions need to be facilitated.
  • Lawyers need to be liaised with, GST and tax obligations understood, exchange rates taken into consideration and anti money laundering rules followed.

Immigration And Cultural Awareness

Real estate agents handling international sales need to be:

  • Familiar with immigration matters
  • Have knowledge of different cultures and their ways of doing business.

Incompetence can lose your sale so beware.

Many agents like to sell luxury homes but the quality of service can vary a lot.


Luxury and lifestyle properties can be the hardest of all properties to sell if the process is poorly managed by your agent.

Experience And Competence From Start to Finish

Due diligence in managing all aspects of a property sale requires a top real estate agent who is very experienced, competent and capable, from the point of signing an agency agreement to negotiating your sale price through to settlement of the sale.

Often a luxury property is a lifestyle property so an understanding of all the ins and outs of this property type can be needed.

With the right agent, you can achieve the best possible price.

If you want help finding a top agent, take advantage of our free service. Call us on 0800 789 532.

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