Tips For Selling Home

If you're about to sell your home and need tips to get started you have come to the right place. We have 10 years experience helping home sellers like you and have lots of good, helpful resources that will help your property stand out from competing listings for sale.

If you're looking for real estate tips specifically, you will find unique selling tips here that most people are not aware of - especially the importance of having everything perfect for day one one the market as demonstrated in the graphs.

Knowing exactly where to start when selling a house can be overwhelming so this 5-point checklist makes getting started easier. It includes how to choose a real estate agent and what to look for in a real estate appraisal, afterall your decisions will be based on the accuracy of this so these are important decisions to make.

TOP TIP: Create an inviting entranceway

The entrance way is the first part of your house that visitors will see, so it pays to put a little effort in to make it inviting.

It may also need to be functional because it is where the family (and pets) will converge to enter the house after being out and about, maybe with muddy boots, wet coats, school bags and grubby paws.

When your home needs a new look and feel but you don't know where to start, the entrance way is a good place to begin. This great House and Garden TV video takes an awkward space and makes it both attractive and functional without too much expense.

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The makeover includes nice paint work and furniture, teamed with functional features to handle the daily family onslaught - so that when visitors do pop in, it is as tidy and attractive as possible.

All you have to do then, when kids and pets are part of the household, is train the family to use what's on offer.

DIY tips include:

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