Advice For Giving Notice To Tenants

Whether giving notice to a tenant or evicting them, there are rules for landlords that need to be followed to stay on the right side of New Zealand law. New tenancy laws came into effect on February 11, 2021.

Tenancy matters are under the Government’s umbrella but there is also good information provided by organisations such as Community Law and the Tenancy Protection Association, each with a different angle so you can find what you need.

With changes to claiming expenses and the bright line test introduced in 2021 more landlords are considering exiting the rental market.

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On February 11, 2021, multiple changes to the tenancy laws came into effect.

Among them are increased security for tenants around rental tenure. Landlords will not be able to end a periodic tenancy without cause by providing 90 days’ notice. New termination grounds will be available to landlords under a periodic tenancy and the required notice periods will change.

All fixed-term tenancy agreements will convert to periodic tenancies at the end of the fixed term unless the parties agree otherwise, the tenant gives a 28-day notice, or the landlord gives notice in accordance with the termination grounds for periodic tenancies.

Other changes to tenancy law include prohibitions on rental bidding, tenants being able to make minor changes to the property, access to broadband, compulsory written tenancy agreements, strengthened enforcement measures and an increase in tribunal awards from $50,000 to $100,000.

Find out about the new tenancy rules here


Giving notice or evicting - what's the difference? Treating your tenants legally will save headaches for all concerned.

Tenancy Services is a government agency which among other things, advises about the process of giving notice so you can make sure you have done things correctly. That’s in case you need them later should things go wrong with your tenants.

Tenancy Services also gives advice about ending a tenancy, specifically for selling your property. If you would like advice about this, how best to sell your property, commission fees, property appraisals or want to know where to start, Selling Your Property should answer all your questions.

If you are giving notice to tenants renting your apartment, find out what's involved with selling an apartment first.

If you want to sell your complete portfolio of rental properties or just one property, we can help you sell your property quickly.

Wise Up NZ has tracked down the best resources available - see the Property Investors section. Our advice will help you do your due diligence to protect you, your tenants and your property.

The Tenancy Protection Association in Christchurch is a non-government organisation. Although for Christchurch, this site provides tenants with advice, advocacy and education and explains the difference between being given notice and being evicted.

This information helps landlords to better understand tenants’ perspectives so you can use the right approach.

There are often mistakes and misunderstandings around tenancies so here are a few examples of common mistakes and tips to help.

Giving Notice To Tenants

Landlord Advice Pack for new landlords

If you're a new landlord or you just want to know more about being a landlord, Tenancy Services provides a Landlord Pack that you can view online, or as downloaded PDF.

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