By Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)
Best Time To Sell A House

June 8, 2022 - Now is a still good time to sell a house with Kiwis on the move and serious buyers actively searching for properties.

Although a less frantic market, buyer competition is still occurring and multiple offers are still being made for properties but with a change in the market, vendors need to raise the bar when selecting real estate agencies and agents when listing their homes for sale.

The method of sale you choose will also play a vital role in your sale price and timeframe. For example, auctions are fewer in numbers and 'negotiation' or 'buyer enquiry over' are more favoured.

Strong real estate negotiators with buyers is undoubtedly playing a financially valuable role for New Zealand home sellers so choosing a competent real estate agent has never been more important.

View examples of what it costs to sell a property in New Zealand.

Who is in the market to buy properties?

There are always buyers looking for properties including those wanting to invest, upgrade their living standard, upsize or downsize, get on the property ladder, move school zones, selling to build new. There are births and deaths, changing locations for new jobs, or wanting to be closer to family or a warmer home - the list is endless.

If your property is in Auckland find out more about selling a property now zoned for development.

If your property is in Christchurch, Wellington or any other New Zealand location in New Zealand, you might want a list of recent sales in your area, need help finding a suitable real estate agent or just want to obtain a property appraisal to see how much you could expect if you sold your house.

If you need some information or direction on where to start, send us a message - we can guide you with this.

Longer settlement periods are now more common which helps everyone and gives buyers and sellers more time to find new properties and sell the old ones if they purchased first.

Find out more about the best time to sell a house.

Compare real estate agents

Whatever time of year you decide to sell any type of property, an optimal result will rely wholly on your choice of real estate agent and it pays to compare vetted real estate companies and agents prior to making this all important decision.

Why compare real estate agents

Home buyers need more help to meet bank lending affordability and LVR rules requiring competent real estate agents to assist and liaise with banks, mortgage brokers, insurance companies, property valuers, lawyers, Councils, Building Inspectors, Accountants, Trusts and families.

Many Kiwis preparing to sell their properties often underestimate the competencies required of a real estate agent in today's property market and it can be confusing who to choose. Many choose real estate agent they purchased with but this has been a regretful decision for many, many of whom end up changing agents.

Real estate agent competencies vary greatly so it's important to get this decision right.

Request a shortlist of vetted real estate agents tailored to your property.


The real estate industry is regulated under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 to protect both buyers and sellers and real estate agencies must therefore have standards, policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance is systemised for the 15,000 selling agents and 906 real estate companies in New Zealand.

Some real estate companies are better than or more committed to compliance than others and this is something we have a national overview of. For example, 'non-disclosure' is still a subject of frequent complaints dealt with by the industry authority but many are unreported. This comes down to real estate agent integrity.

Although a real estate agency may have its own rules, ultimately it comes down to the real estate agent conducting the sale on your behalf. Choose wisely.

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Page updated June 8, 2022 by Trish Willis | Member of the Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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