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We have looked into the best real estate websites for selling property and explain the various options here.

But something to keep in mind before you get to the point of selling property online is that the main issues people face and have difficulty with is finding a trusted real estate agent, how much real estate commission and fees cost, and the price of real estate marketing. It's not just about a real estate 'brand'.

How much commission should I pay?

Wise Up NZ Property Hub Protects Kiwi Property Owners

Firstly, this website, Wise Up NZ, provides the most trusted real estate advice on all of these issues and much more by centralising relevant resources from multiple Government organisations and NGOs in one place.

Is now a good time to sell a house?

Agent Finder NZ - NZ's #1 Real Estate Agent Vetting Service

An award-winning service, Agent Finder NZ is the main player when it comes to consumers finding the best real estate websites, agents and information to buy or sell their homes, apartments, lifestyle blocks, commercial properties or sections.

If you need help getting started, contact Agent Finder NZ to speak with a real estate advisor or take a look at where to start when selling a house. It's a great place to start and it's a genuinely free service. You can call their free phone number 0800 789 532.

An independent advocate for home sellers for over a decade, Agent Finder NZ provides a whole package for consumers all at no cost. It includes vetting real estate agents, advice about getting appraisals, commission and fees advice and even a questionnaire to help home sellers compare real estate agents and companies for their property type and location.

Join thousands of Kiwis who rely on NZ's independent real estate website for advice

'I can't tell you how reassuring it was to find your website, it is incredibly helpful. And I want to thank you so much for your very valuable help.' - Maureen A.

Request a shortlist of real estate agents or ask them for any property advice you need.

With average days on market for sellers sitting around only 23 days, it's proven its worth as one of the best real estate websites and is well worth the visit with so much to learn.

922 Real Estate Companies In NZ

There are over 15,000+ licensed real estate agents in New Zealand and 900 real estate companies so knowing where and how to start can be daunting. Auckland has 364 real estate companies and over 7180 real estate agents, Wellington/Wairarapa has 90 real estate companies and 1178 real estate agents. Further South in Christchurch/Westland there are 1857 real estate agents and 100 real estate companies so no wonder people find it hard to really know where to start whether buying a house or selling a house or both.

Best websites for selling property - the various agencies

The real estate website and company you end up listing your property with should be determined by objectively comparing vetted real estate agents and companies in your location. The best real estate agent for you will depend on your property type - whether a lifestyle block or a property that needs marketing to international buyers, for instance - but also on property value and location.

Method of sale is another thing to consider. Some agencies favour one method over others, but the best method is the one that suits the particular property.

According to Agent Finder NZ, the first things sellers tend to like to find out is how much their property is worth and who to list with.

You can start by finding out more about what to look for in a real estate appraisal and market valuation because the integrity of this forms the foundation of your whole real estate experience and ultimate sale price. Being sure about its accuracy is gold.

Request a shortlist to compare now - it's a genuinely free service for property sellers in NZ

The Best Real Estate Websites In Nz Compressor

Property selling websites -

This is the real estate website where all properties listed with licensed New Zealand real estate agents are advertised for sale making it one of the best real estate websites. It includes residential, lifestyle, rural, commercial, renting and leasing. has the most listings of any real estate website in New Zealand currently with 36,000 residential properties for sale.

Private sales are not listed on as only licensed real estate agents can use it.

Being one of two major players in real estate advertising, this is perhaps a contributing factor as to why private sales are not the most successful way to sell a property.

Find out the pros and cons of selling a house privately.

Best Real Estate Websites Of Nz is 50 per cent owned by a group of real estate companies so the whole site is geared solely for real estate purposes.

Advertising property on this website is usually paid for by the real estate company or agent listing your property, but not always.

We are advised by that over 400,000 email alerts about new listings to market are automatically sent to buyers each month from this site. These email alerts are the reason why your first day live online is your most important when selling your home.

Check out this important graph here about why day one online is the most important day of a real estate campaign.

Property selling websites - Trade Me

Trade Me is used by both real estate agencies and private sellers to market properties for sale.

Private sales are usually around 10-12 per cent of the total. If you're thinking of selling a house privately, you might like to read up on the pros and cons of selling your own home first.

Sum-Up of the best websites for selling property

Most people embarking on a real estate journey want to be informed but often don't know what they don't know. For example, what questions do you ask a real estate agent about selling your house?

Our advice is to start doing your due diligence with solid information first.

Ultimately, a successful sale largely depends on finding a real estate agent who is the best fit for your property type, value and location.

Ask a question or give us a call 0800 789 532 - we're here to help.

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