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Good real estate marketing is a key driver of increased buyer competition to help push up the property sale price and reduce the sales time frame.

Effective marketing requires a plan by your real estate agent.

Agents should know how they will target qualified buyers so they will be attracted to your property through multiple platforms including the internet, newspapers, flyers and brochures.

Marketing real estate to buyers starts the minute your advertising goes live and ends when your sale is unconditional.

Vendors who do their research and take an active role in marketing decisions can increase their chance of selling within four weeks.


In order to get a good real estate marketing plan you need to get in touch with an agent who has the necessary skills.

Agent Finder NZ offers a free real estate agent vetting service to help you find an agent who will maximise your sales price and give you security during the high stakes process of selling a house.

Also find out what houses are selling for in your area.

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Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is how you reflect your property to the world - what it looks like, the location and what it offers a buyer. The quality of photographs has a huge impact on grabbing buyer attention.

You can also help your real estate agent create quality marketing material to entice buyers by ensuring they know all the unique selling points of your property.

  • You will have a different perspective to your agent so your input can add value to the marketing.
  • Make a list of the features and benefits of your property, the location and the local environment.
  • Provide location and distance information as this can be helpful to interested buyers, for example, the distances to nearest cities, schools or destinations. Make use of AA's handy distance calculator – it provides travel routes, kilometres and travel time all on the same page.

A home staged house combined with good photographs will attract people to your real estate listing and help it stand out from all the competition.

Real Estate Agents Marketing


The Real Estate Authority stipulates what agents must do when making marketing decisions about a property

  • They should be able to clearly explain the reasoning behind their recommendations to you.
  • They must discuss the proposed marketing method with you and get your agreement.
  • If your agent is making any changes to an agreed marketing strategy, they need to discuss it with you, get your agreement and document the change.
  • Real estate agents are held accountable for accurate property descriptions and must ensure that marketing information is not misleading. For example, if it is not architecturally designed, marketing information must not state that it is, or if it is architecturally designed, an agent must have proof that it is.

Any commission added by a real estate agent to advertising or marketing costs MUST be declared to you. Feel free to ask agents this when you interview them.

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