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One of the most effective ways of grabbing buyer attention at a glance is the use of a photographic signboard.

Use of signboards to advertise properties varies depending on the company, but in our experience, the most effective ones that catch the buyer eye are those that have photographic images of the property being sold.

The bigger it is, the more noticed it will get AND stand out over and above other properties competing for the same buyers.

Hidden charms and highlighted features

If you are looking at properties from your car, often the only way you can judge what the property looks like is the curbside view.

However an eye catching photo might reveal something unexpected about the property. Photo boards are an opportunity to show the most desirable images and have the ability to create an element of surprise.

For example, the house may be average in quality but have a new kitchen or bathroom or have a nice deck out the back that isn't visible in first impressions from the roadside.

Compared to a sign that just has the company brand, agent photo and contact details, picture signboards have more clout when it comes to drawing in prospective buyers.

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Picture signboards inexpensive

Picture signboards are very cheap to produce. Your agent can organise it completely for you and you don't really need a photo of your agent on it. You're paying for it, so you get to decide.

You will need to have the agent's name and contact details plus their company branding which is pretty standard.

When you interview prospective agents, ask them about the type of signboard they recommend and if it doesn't have photos, ask for one that does - the difference in buyer interest in your property will make it worth the effort.

Photo signboards work best with professional photographs. Amateur photos can be a turn off.

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