By Trish Willis | Member of the Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)
Finding A Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent for your property type, value and location, who you can depend on for an optimum sale price, is a daunting task but is the most important decision that will determine the fate of your sale, good or otherwise.

Be cautious about your choice of real estate agent because caution reduces the risk of things going wrong. If you need help finding an agent, there is plenty of advice and tips available here.

The Real Estate Authority (REA) receives many complaints each year about real estate agent conduct. The main complaints involve incompetency/negligence, misleading, non-disclosure and undue pressure on buyers and sellers. The consequences can be life-changing so ensure to do your due diligence when selecting your real estate agent and agency.

Finding Real Estate Agents


The internet is saturated with advertising of real estate companies and agents and once word gets out that you intend to sell your house, agents can flock to your door like bees to honey. But you will be better off finding the best agent rather than the fastest.

We urge you to use the information here on Wise Up NZ to help you find real estate agents, understand what's involved in the whole process, do your due diligence and have a positive real estate experience. Don't underestimate the value of a diligent choice of real estate agent to sell what may be your most valuable asset. It all comes down to agent competence.

Proven Advisor For Selling A House

There is a time saving method to navigate your way through the real estate process safely and simply - by engaging Agent Finder NZ, a proven and free service for sellers who wish to find a real estate agent.

Request a shortlist of vetted real estate agents – it’s a genuine free service.

Find Real Estate Agent Nz

Agent Finder NZ has proven over 14 years of vetting licensed real estate agents that listing with a real estate agent assessed as being highly competent, of excellent conduct and who is a forward thinking marketer, achieves the highest sale price in the shortest time frame.

Real estate companies need to have a breadth of marketing reach to qualified buyers locally, nationally and globally. They also need to provide their property agents with ongoing training in legal and compliant real estate processes under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, established to protect you. Bigger doesn't always mean better.

There are over 14,789 real estate licensees and 881 companies in New Zealand. Use our help by requesting an agent shortlist for your location and property type from Agent Finder NZ. You can then compare them objectively. Find out about selling different types of properties here.

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