How To Stage A House For Sale

When home staging, there are areas you can focus on which will help make your house sell faster and for a higher sale price.

Home staging is a cost effective and well-proven marketing strategy and you can find lots of staging tips here all designed to help vendors when selling a house in New Zealand.

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How to home stage a house: The options

There are three different options when it comes to home staging a house for sale but first, it pays to know what buyers typically look for when viewing a property for sale.

You can hire a whole house-lot of furniture from a home staging company or engage a home staging expert to use your existing furnishings with the addition of some statement props. Find home stagers here.

Or if you are confident, you can give your home a makeover using your existing furnishings and adding a few statement pieces of your own.

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Home staging is a proven way to help increase the sale price when selling your home. Real estate agents often report a 10-15% increase in sale prices.

Home Staging for big impact, low spend

It's all about first impressions, big impact and low spend.

Using a repeated theme is a way of bringing some class to the decor.

How to home stage rooms

Updating a kitchen without replacing it

Prospective buyers take in your kitchen and bathroom because they are the most expensive areas to update.

These are the areas that women are most interested in and often women are the decision-makers when it comes to home buying.

When you don't have the budget for putting in a new kitchen and bathroom, you can still create a good impression by working with what you've got.

Tips include:

  • update laminate kitchen cupboards. You can buy paint that will stick to a non-wood surface.
  • paint laminate bench tops using the right techniques - there is plenty of how-to info on the internet.
  • add new handles, an easy way to get a new look.

Once you are happy that the kitchen is updated enough to appeal, home stage by removing clutter and creating a few focal points, for instance a bowl of fresh fruit or a one or two fresh kitchen decor items.

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How To Stage A House For Sale NZ

Home staging a living room

Simple touches that make impact:

  • fresh cushions and classy rugs
  • uniform blinds
  • a single decor feature on side tables, for instance, a vase
  • presenting the bathroom with features like hotel-standard fluffy towels

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Make street appeal part of the staging process

While you're at it, assess your home for:

  • street appeal
  • ridding the backyard of landscape detractors
  • turning the garage back into a car space, not a storage space

Things you can do to create good street appeal, especially if you have time up your sleeve:

  • replace the letter box
  • put in hedge rather than wooden fence, some varieties are fast growing
  • update blinds on front windows
  • laying new ready lawn will provide a quick upgrade
Stage House For Sale

Other tips to help increase sale price

  • shift the laundry from the bathroom to the garage
  • add good looking outdoor furniture - you can take with you when you go

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