Tips For Selling Your House

Need tips for selling your house? These 11 real estate tips will help you to sell fast for the best sale price.

Everyone wants the best price they can possibly get for their home, and they usually want to sell their property quickly and avoid the problem of it lingering on the market.

Disappointment can be avoided by giving yourself the optimum chance for success.

Tips For Selling Your Home

TOP Tips for Selling your house OR OTHER PROPERTY

1. Property presentation - Either home stage your empty property or restyle with your existing furnishings. The real estate agent you use will be able to advise on home staging. Buying new decor items such as a duvet cover, cushions or objet d'art all of which you can take with you when you go can add a visual lift to rooms. Find a home staging service.

2. Improvements - If you are thinking of spending some money on home improvements in the hope of selling your house for the best possible sale price, find out which things add the most value.

3. Real estate agent choice - Make sure you get quality information to help you choose the very best licensed real estate agent. Industry experience, conduct, service standards and client care cannot be underestimated. Agent Finder NZ can do all this for you for free.

4. Auckland homes - finding the right real estate agent is important if your home has been rezoned for development under the Auckland Unitary Plan. It could mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5. Choose the most effective method of sale for your property, for example, by tender, auction or perhaps, pricing your property. Prepare yourself by getting the right information about methods of sale from the Real Estate Authority (REA). Your real estate agent should explain each option for you, specific to your property. They will generally make a recommendation which should explain why it is a worthy recommendation.

When selling your house, remember buyers are purchasing a lifestyle, not just a house.

6. Approve the marketing - Check and request your sign off and approval of the marketing material your agent will use before it goes live. If the agent wishes to make any changes to the marketing you have agreed to, your agent must get your approval, in writing. This is a requirement by the REA.

7. Do not sign an agency agreement under pressure by any real estate agent.

8. Agency agreement - Get informed about signing an agency agreement before you interview agents. The Real Estate Authority has consumer advice.

9. Think outside the square - Apply an entrepreneurial approach to marketing that includes local community, proximity to amenities and natural environment. Buyers are purchasing a lifestyle, not just a house.

10. Include the area - Adding images of the local environment to your marketing photos can be helpful to someone new to the area.

11. Property Packs - Ensure your agent has a property information pack ready to email immediately upon request. The beginning of the marketing campaign is the time when the majority of buyers are at their most enthusiastic about buying a property. The additional information contained in the property pack can help to elevate their interest and the speed at which they move.

More Tips For Selling Your Home

At all stages, be informed about each step of the decision making process - ask Why? That simple question will ensure there are no wrong assumptions being made and that the sale proceeds along the direction you expect.

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