Staging A House For Sale

Is it worth staging every house for sale? Absolutely yes!

Without a doubt, home staging or even just re-styling with your existing furnishings can transform a property to attract more buyer interest.

Staged Homes Sell For Higher Prices

Home staged houses also sell for higher prices and spend less time on the market, which reduces advertising expenses. A home staged property will stand out from competing houses for sale in your location and price range. Find out more here.

Real estate agents say staging can add 15-20 percent onto an estimated sale price.

When buyers see a staged house, their perception of its value is elevated - always good for a seller.

If you do nothing else in a bedroom, dress the bed - this was a senior citizen's home, full of old curtains and nets. The bed makeover is cheap and takes the eye away from the repaired carpet.

Staging a humble home

Houses in lower value areas have been known to sell lightening fast when staged.

On the surface, a home can look plain, but by focusing on the internal presentation, entranceway and curbside, you can draw buyers in.

Cleaned, tidied and nicely presented, they can hugely improve the buyer's first impression which is how they will approach the rest of their viewing for good or otherwise.

When selling properties with a plain external look, agents often use more interesting internal photos as the lure. This has been a successful strategy for many sellers, although not all agents do this.

In the photos below, what looks like a fairly plain house on the outside contains beautiful rooms including a kitchen with a granite bench to capture buyer attention.

Home buyers shop comparatively - aim to stand out

A property like the one above, in its location and price range, would be very likely to stand out and get to the top of a buyer's list.

Buyers shop for houses comparatively and most have a criteria or checklist. This might include number of bathrooms, living areas or bedrooms and size of the kitchen or section.

Buyers often can't afford everything on their list so they might sacrifice something for a staged house because it has wow factor, allowing them to visualise themselves in a space that's been maximised and styled.

The right real estate agent combined with home staging can have a significant impact on your sale price. To get free one-on-one advice from an expert and to locate the best NZ agents, contact Agent Finder NZ.

The upshot of why home staging works

Home staging has been proven to:

  • increase the volume of interest from advertising.
  • bring more viewers to open homes.
  • bump up buyer competition.
  • potentially impact sale prices by 10 to 15 per cent.
  • sell in half the average time frame for the area.
  • reduce advertising costs due to shorter selling time.
  • quickly sell properties that failed to sell privately.

Why wouldn't you?

Wise Up NZ Tip

If you've paid your agent up front for an advertising campaign and your house sells prior to the budget allocation you've provided them, you can request a refund of what has not yet been spent. Because home staged houses tend to sell fast, this is not uncommon.

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Article Updated April 13, 2021

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