By The Home Style Doctor
Update Old Couch

Quickly transform dated looking furniture with a snug fitting cover.

To update a tired or old fashioned lounge suite, this is a great quick fix.

Sure Fit which has an outlet in New Zealand and they can quickly and very cheaply transform your lounge suite, especially if you use a few coordinated cushions to give it some punch.

"...a simple, inexpensive solution to create a much better impression of your home."

These couch and chair covers are surprisingly effective if you need to erase that old fashioned or tired fabric on your lounge furniture.

While the fabrics are not to die for, they do provide a cheap solution that will definitely not draw anyone's attention to the age or style of the old couch.

How to video

Check out this video which shows you how to fit them. Once you've got your new cover on your couch or chairs, pop on some show pillows in a contrasting colour - you'll be very surprised!

You can buy the covers at Bed Bath and Beyond or order online at Sure Fit.

Upstyle Old Couch

This is a simple, inexpensive solution to create a much better impression of your home.

It might not create wow factor, but replacing a worn cover will likely make a difference to how a viewer feels, walking through the property by not drawing attention to it. Especially with a couple of cushions.

I recently saw one on a friend's couch and my first impression was that she had had her suite reupholstered.

I was surprised to find it was just a cover over the old one but not one wrinkle could be seen and it looked brand new.

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